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Founded in 2011 Greenovation, is a construction firm which designs and develops residential apartments and commercial schemes with an unwavering focus on making these as environment-friendly as possible. The company works on a higher intent to provide the best living experience to its customers. The projects that are developed by the company have minimal interference with the natural feel of the space. A passionate team of designers, architects, engineers and associates implement the state-of-art-technology to create a life-space that meets highest quality standards, is easy-to-maintain and that’s built to last.

It’s project SoulSpace is a living epitome of this ideology. Greenovation believes in working on delivering quality than quantity and hence has consciously decided to work only on limited projects, the ones that fit their core ideologies .Today, Greenovation has completed more than 10 projects in and around Pune.

The company derives its inspiration and expertise from its Chairman – Mr. Hemant Gavande – who invests his heart, mind and soul to carve the loving nest that provides the all-essential ingredients of an integrated lifestyle to its occupants.

Directorial Message

“Life is a journey and not a destination. At Greenovation, we make this journey of yours an enriching experience through building life-spaces that are compatible with the nature – the one inside you and the one that exists outside you. It is our belief that once this harmony is achieved, we will all witness that both these are the same.
Welcome to Greenovation. Welcome to Life-Compliant Homes!”

– Mr. Hemant Gavande