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We understand that work is just a part of team’s life and hence ensure that every team member grows at a personal as well as at a professional level. One of the core elements in Greenovation’s DNA is the ability to understand the other person very well. We understand every team-member’s motivations, family background, current abilities, their challenges and their potential and communicate accordingly. It’s all about understanding their perspective and providing them the necessary support system so that their potential is maximized. Celebrations and get-togethers are a part of our yearly life-cycle. Outbound and excursions help us expand our horizons and strengthen the workforce further.

The work culture at Greenovation is that of youthfulness, happiness and proactivity. The various departments with utmost clarity in roles, deliveries, accountabilities and dependability, work synergistically. Regular team meetings and huddles are conducted to avoid any bottlenecks, identify opportunities to appreciate the achiever and the achievements and plan the daily and weekly routine. Proactive communication and an open culture promote friendliness and helps maintain a flat hierarchy.